Electric Earth

Electric Earth


  1. Down By The Water
  2. Invisible Shields
  3. One In A million
  4. Crossroad Generation
  5. Great Earth
  6. Seconds Of Satisfaction
  7. Arise Of Dreams
  8. Twin Soul
  9. Believer
  10. Alone
  11. Revelation
  12. King Of Ruins
  13. Remedy

All songs by Electric Earth

2018 Tyss Music TYSS7057 CD / Streaming


Produced by Jonas Beijer and Electric Earth
Engineered by Harald Göthblad
Mixed and mastered by Olof Berggren
All keyboards, programming and additional backing
vocals by Jonas Beijer, except where noticed
Recorded during 2016-2017 at N3 Studios Trollhättan, Sweden
Photos by Joachim Nywall
Artwork and design by Jonas Beijer
All songs by Electric Earth except 'Invisible Shields' by Jonas Beijer and Peter Gottlieb


Peter Gottlieb - Vocals
Tommy Scalisi - Guitars
Magnus Olsson - Drums

Jörgen Carlsson - Bass ("Down By The Water" and "One In A Million")
Rob Hakemo - Bass ("Invisible Shields")
Ulf Widlund - Bass ("Crossroad Generation", "Alone" and "Revelation")
Ulf Andersson - Bass ("Great Earth", "Seconds Of Satisfaction" and "Believer")
Mikael Tuved - Bass ("Arise Of Dreams")
Jonas Beijer - Bass ("Twin Soul")
Bertil Holmgren - Bass ("King Of Ruins")
Magnus Enorsson - Bass and keyboards ("Remedy")
Ulf Högberg - Guitar ("One In A Million")